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The renagel carbonate studies include one double-blind, active-controlled, cross-over study with two 8-week treatment periods using renagel carbonate tablets n 79 ; one open-label, active-controlled, cross-over study with two 4-week treatment periods using renagel carbonate powder n 31 ; and one randomized, parallel, open-label study using renagel carbonate powder n 144 dosed once daily or renagel hydrochloride tablets n 73 dosed three times daily for 24 weeks.

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when administering any medicinal product where a reduction in the bioavailability could have a clinically significant effect on safety or efficacy, the medicinal product should be administered at least one hour before or three hours after renagel, or the physician should consider monitoring blood levels.

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Renagel may be used with other medicines which include calcium or vitamin d supplements to control.

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